Piano Tuning


Like an automobile, your piano requires a routine service and maintenance program to maintain good responsiveness, tonal quality and sound projection. As your piano is created from many sensitive working parts, improper or irregular maintenance can cause problems that will become progressively worse, causing your piano to develop unpleasant tone and an unresponsive touch even if it sounds in tune.


Tuning maintenance service needs to cover the three basic components of musical performance – pitch, tonal color and touch, which require periodic adjustment. Complete piano maintenance service needs to include tuning to return the piano to pitch, voicing to adjust the tonal color and regulating to adjust the action and touch of the piano.


Regularly scheduled tuning gives the opportunity to check the room environment stability in order to improve tuning stability. Frequent high and low changes and seasonal adjustments in temperature and/or humidity dramatically impacts the changes in tuning of a piano. Cleaning the inside of a piano by a qualified piano technician is also a part of the tuning maintenance and can extend the useful life and performance of your piano for many years. We understand the importance of the investment in your piano and are committed to extending the life of your piano through a regularly scheduled tuning maintenance program.


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